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Jul 12, 2018

The White Supremacists who rampaged through Charlottesville last August are taking their show on the road are coming to Washington DC August 11, to rally outside the White House. No word yet if Donald Trump will come out to spend some time with the crowd, many of whom are “very good people.”

Anti-fascist & Anti-White Supremacist counterprotesters will no doubt be there as well, and they will be brave souls among them knowing that last year’s white Supremacy revival left one of them dead and 19 of them injured.

Donald Trump empowers the alt-right using a diversity of tactics that includes openly racist policies and remarks to dog whistles ringing in the ears of the David Duke crowd to filling his cabinet with people who preach that an all-out civilization war is not only inevitable, it is welcome.

Be mindful, when you hear calls for “civility” from Democratic strategist on the left that they too, should be encouraged to embrace a diversity of tactics.

But if the left cannot decide how best to deal with White Supremacy in ascendancy in the form of grown men who have hijacked medieval symbols and are parading around with guns and shields chanting “Jews will not replace us”—how can we deal with White Supremacy as it manifests on the so-called "good" side of the political spectrum?

Sure we can point fingers at the losers who embrace white Supremacy, but we should also look in the mirror.

Let’s do that, right now, on the podcast.

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