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Mar 9, 2017

A Day Without A Woman introduces “new tactics of activism” for the Resistance. As Linda Sarsour, a co-chairwoman of the event, told the New York Times that the objective was not a full scale general strike. [ ] “The object for us isn’t that we hope to shut the whole economy down. We see this as an opportunity to introduce women to different tactics of activism. Our goal is not to have the same numbers as the march.” By skipping work, wearing red, and in other acts of solidarity, women and their allies were acting in support of a platform that points to systemic problems that can’t be fixed by imply electing better Democrats. [ Read the full international women’s strike US platform] also on the podcast: White House Doubles Down on ObamaGate. Kind of. Is this the start of the left feeling sorry for Sean Spicer? …and in the interview, Casey Quinlan, a Think Progress policy reporter whose writing has also appeared in The Atlantic, The Establishment, The Toast, and Bitch joins me to discuss her recent Think Progress article: These are the people who will suffer under Trumpcare Get in touch via email, at or by calling the listener feedback line at (888) 213-5353

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