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Feb 8, 2017

Donald Trump escalated America’s Longest War on Tuesday —its war against the Indigenous people of Turtle Island— by giving the go ahead to the Dakota Access Pipeline. He did so in truly Trump fashion: by gloating that this was not a controversial thing to do; that he has not gotten a single call about it. The number to call Trump—the number to reach the Army Corps of Engineer line about the Dakota access pipeline is 1-888-201-9377. I just called it, and you can too. A recording of my call is at the top of this podcast. I was at Standing Rock on December 4th filming for a documentary project when the news came down that the Army Corps of Engineers was not granting the easement for Energy Transfer Partners to drill under the river. #DAPL was defeated. Temporarily. At Oceti Sakowin Camp, which had swollen with an influx of close to 10 thousand people, there was a jubilation followed very shortly after that by a resignation. On today’s show, I’d like to highlight some of the voices from Standing Rock, culled from the interviews I conducted on December 4, 2016. . They include interviews with Tokata Iron Eyes, the 14 year old daughter of Chase Iron Eyes who many credit with starting the entire movement; Tara Houske of Honor the Earth; Tarak Kauff- a member of Veterans for Peace who had made multiple trips to Standing Rock and was there on Dec 4 with thousands of veterans willing to protect the water protectors from the national guard, state police and Morton county sheriff department, and Remi—of the Navajo Nation— and also a veteran of the U.S. Navy. He had been at camp for over five months.

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